YouTube Tests New Feature Allowing Viewers To Add “Notes” To Videos

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YouTube is testing a new feature called ‘Notes’ to combat misinformation on the platform, especially with the 2024 U.S. presidential election approaching.


YouTube is rolling out a new feature called “Notes” to tackle misinformation and add clarity to videos. Here’s what this means for you and the digital marketing landscape.

Introducing the “Notes” Feature

The “Notes” feature will provide crucial context beneath videos, helping viewers distinguish between outdated footage and current events. This tool is especially important in an era where generative AI can create misleading content.

Functionality and Implementation

During the pilot phase, select users with well-regarded channels will write these notes. Third-party evaluators will rate their helpfulness and accuracy, training YouTube’s systems. Initially, viewers in the U.S. will start seeing these notes under videos.

Viewer Engagement

As a viewer, you’ll rate these notes as “helpful,” “somewhat helpful,” or “unhelpful.” Your feedback, focusing on high-quality sources and clear, neutral language, will guide YouTube’s algorithm in deciding which notes to publish.

Learning and Refinement

YouTube acknowledges that the testing phase might include notes with incorrect information or mismatched videos. This phase is crucial for refining the feature, and your feedback will be vital.

Future Expansion

The pilot will start with English notes on mobile for U.S. viewers. Based on the feedback, YouTube plans to expand the feature further.

By incorporating these changes, YouTube is enhancing the reliability and informativeness of digital content. Stay tuned for the “Notes” feature and contribute to making YouTube a more trustworthy platform.